During the coronavirus pandemic, Thomas Fraser is focusing his speaking on one-on-one briefings and small group talks via Zoom video conferencing.

Briefing and presentation topics include:

  • Coronavirus Economic Stimulus and Relief Policies Explained

  • Reopening the Economy: What We Are Learning So Far

  • Pandemic Economic Stimulus Measures: What's Working Around the World?

  • Successful Economic Development: Developing a Local Focus for a Global Marketplace

  • Nonprofit Organizations: America's Best Idea

At this time, Fraser is focusing on helping people understand what recently-enacted economic stimulus and relief measures mean to their organizations and how to move forward.  A number of highly-complex coronavirus-related measures have been passed into law in a very short time in the United States and other countries.  It is very important that decision makers be well informed about these measures and programs to make good decisions.

To read Fraser's most recent observations about coronavirus stimulus and relief measures and what to watch for next, please go to the Newsletters section of this website.   

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