Thomas L. Fraser speaks regularly about topics in his podcast, book and newsletter to groups at companies, nonprofit organizations, chambers of commerce, universities and other organizations.

Speech and presentation topics include:

  • How to Build a Museum

  • The Role of Parks, Museums and Culture in Innovative Cities

  • City Economic Development: Developing a Local Focus for a Global Marketplace

  • Public Private Partnerships: A Model for Building Parks, Gardens and Public Spaces

  • Nonprofit Organizations: America's Best Idea

One speaking topic Fraser is especially focusing on is how public and private sector leaders are moving their organizations forward and finding new growth opportunities during a time of significant opportunity enabled by digital change.  By looking closely at how leaders of a variety of nonprofit, cultural and service organizations are finding success, Fraser helps clients and listeners develop fresh ways of thinking and practical, common sense approaches to building businesses and organizations that will have important and lasting legacies.   


For copies of briefing papers on "How to Build a Museum" and "How Countries Can Develop Their Nonprofit Sectors," please visit the Contact page to request complimentary copies.   

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