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Since 2011, New York author and attorney Thomas L. Fraser has been writing a newsletter describing how the fine points in new laws and regulations impact some of the most important issues in today’s headlines. His first fourteen newsletters are collected in the Second Edition of his book, “Making Sense of the Fine Print: How Today’s Front Page Legal Issues Impact Business, Policy and Personal Success.”


The fourteen newsletters collected in this book analyze important front page topics, including the future direction of China's economy, annual letters written by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and how country policymakers can promote the development of their nonprofit sectors.


In his newsletters about Warren Buffett, Charles Munger and Berkshire Hathaway, Fraser discusses a variety of lessons that can be learned from Buffett and Munger about investing, building companies to last and living a good life.  Buffett and Munger's approach to investing has evolved dramatically over the years.  In his newsletter commemorating the 50 year anniversary of Buffett leading Berkshire Hathaway, Fraser takes a close look at how Buffett and Munger's investment style has evolved from "cigar butts" to investing in "wonderful businesses at fair prices."  Fraser also looks closely at Buffett and Munger's legendary reading habits.  "Go to bed a little wiser than when you woke up," Munger says.


While these newsletters were written primarily for Chief Executive Officers, Senior Policymakers, Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists, they also make educational reading for a wider audience interested in learning more about how the fine print in new laws helps shape the course of business and government.

To learn more about this book and to purchase a copy, please click here to be directed to the book sales page at Amazon.  

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