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Nature Conservation in Hong Kong: A Conversation with Andy Brown, Executive Director of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
 July 8, 2019 | Episode #30

HONG KONG – In Episode #30 of his podcast, Thomas Fraser talks with Andy Brown about reforestation and nature conservation in Hong Kong.  Brown is the Executive Director of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden.  Kadoorie Farm is a non-governmental organization doing a variety of things to help make Hong Kong more green and nature filled.


Many people do not realize that Hong Kong is about 70% green.  Much of Hong Kong is lush forest and grasslands.  But it has not always been this way.  Following World War II, the countryside surrounding what we know today as urban Hong Kong had almost no trees.  In this interview, Brown talks about the Kadoorie Brothers and the role Kadoorie Farm has played in Hong Kong’s green transformation over several decades.


Kadoorie Farm could best be described as “several NGOs wrapped up in one.”  Today, Kadoorie Farm’s activities include important work in flora and fauna conservation, wild animal rescue, nature education and sustainable living.  Kadoorie Farm’s scientific activities include rigorous, ground-breaking work in endangered species conservation and ecosystem restoration.  Kadoorie Farm is known for its work to restore the habitat of the endangered Hainan gibbon, the rarest primate in the world.  Kadoorie Conservation China, an affiliate of Kadoorie Farm, is doing important conservation work in southern China.


To learn more about Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, please click here.

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