Singapore’s Botanic Gardens:
A UNESCO World Heritage Site
August 29, 2017 | Episode #18 

SINGAPORE – In Episode #18 of his podcast, Thomas Fraser talks with Dr. Nura Bte. Abdul Karim, Deputy Director of Research and Conservation of Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, about the history of the gardens, how the gardens came to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and how the gardens help promote Singapore’s greater image.  Dr. Nura describes how the gardens not only provide a pleasant place for research, education and recreation, but also play an important role in helping create the modern, “Garden City” image Singapore presents to the world.  

It is fascinating to hear how the development of a garden can contribute to the development of a country.

To learn more about activities and events at the gardens, please click here

Singapore's Botanic Gardens - Part One - Thomas L. Fraser
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Singapore's Botanic Gardens - Part Two - Thomas L. Fraser
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