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The Buffet Genre: Talking Books with Jim Ross

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In a special episode of his podcast, Thomas Fraser talks with Jim Ross, manager of the Hudson Booksellers bookstore at Eppley Airport in Omaha, Nebraska, about books Warren Buffett and Charles Munger read and about how their reading habits have contributed to their phenomenal success.


As proprietor of the Omaha bookstore for 20 years, Ross has thoughtful insight into the authors and books admired by Buffett and Munger (and the books read by the thousands and thousands of shareholders, business leaders, academics and others who come through his bookstore during the weekend of the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting and throughout the year).


"The breadth of their reading ... It's phenomenal," Ross says.  Value investing, great thinkers, history, biography, science.  A very wide variety of topics.  "They read everything.  They read every day.  It's always been amazing to me [how much they read]."


To download a list of the bookstore’s books relating to Buffett, Munger and Berkshire Hathaway, please click here.


To listen to the full interview with Jim Ross, please click here.

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